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Scientific name: Saxifraga spathularis Brot.
Common name: St. Patrick's-cabbage

Habit: Perennial, to 40 cm high.
Stems: Erect, with slender stolons; flowering stems leafless.
Leaves: In a basal leaf rosette, leaves hairless, thick and leathery, with a 0.2 mm thick translucent margin; leaves oval or nearly round, coarsely 9-15 toothed; leaf stalks broad, flat, long and hairy at the base.
Flowers: White and pink with yellow spots, actinomorphic, numerous in branched, loose and terminal cymes; sepals 5, free, red, turned downwards; petals 5, free, 3-5 mm long; stamens twice as many as sepals; ovary superior, 2-celled, carpels 2.
Fruits: A capsule.

Habitat: Woods, streams, damp screes, by mountain streams. Distribution: Occasional.

Native status: Native
Of conservation interest: Yes

St. Patrick's-cabbage (Saxifraga spathularis)