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What is is a database of Irish living organisms developed at NUI Galway as part of the Biochange project funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Although more than 16,000 species and over 20,000 names have been added, data entry has come to a halt due to a lack of funding. At present, the database includes a fairly complete set of data on seaweeds, flowering plants, birds, and marine vertebrates and invertebrates together with some sources, references, distributional data and other information. It is hoped that these data will be of use to professional and amateur scientists and naturalists alike. It is intended eventually to provide information on a county by county basis for use by county environmental officers and by conservationists when funding becomes available again.

Species data can be searched by clicking on the categories above, but be aware that mistakes in the spelling of names can easily be made and it is sometimes a good idea to type in the first four letters of the genus name, a space and then the first four letters of the species name.

A comprehensive Guide to the flora of the Burren can be found on this site together will excellent pictures by clicking on "Burren Flora" on the top left.

Michael Guiry, National University of Ireland, Galway

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